The method of marble sealing

In the process of stone installation, it is necessary to ensure that the natural texture of the stone surface is not polluted, but also have some waterproof measures. At present, there are three methods for stone installation and sealing:


1. The empty joint is not sealed with sealant, and air convection is formed on the back of the stone to discharge the water vapor out of the room, so as to prevent the formation of temperature difference on the surface of the stone, so that the inner surface of the stone will not be covered with condensed water.

2. The half seam sealing type is to keep the external facade in the position of no sealant, and the external facade has a good sense of three-dimensional, in fact, the glue layer is hidden inside the node. To ensure that the thickness of the sealant should be about 6mm, but not more than the width, the width should be determined according to the quality of the adhesive.

3. Use neutral sealing silicone adhesive, which is a special adhesive for stone materials, to seal all the joints of the external facade. The rainwater of the external facade cannot enter the back of the stone materials, so that the stone materials are tightly in a dry state, so as to ensure that the bending strength and shear strength of the stone materials remain unchanged.


In addition, when sealing the stone, pay attention to the stone also needs "ventilation". Stone is composed of various crystals, and crystals are composed of various minerals. The crystal structure of these minerals determines the type of stone. The integrity of the crystal has a lot to do with the millions of bacteria in it, and the water in the stone also needs to evaporate to the outside through the gap.

First, we need to ensure the survival and reproduction of these bacteria. After a long study, it seems that bacteria play an important role in keeping stone intact.

Secondly, it should be noted that when sealing the stone, the sealant is filled in the pores or crystal gaps of the rock and will not flow outside the stone. The purpose of sealing is to prevent liquid penetration and staining.

In addition, the use of acrylic sealant or impregnant should be avoided, because they will block the pores and kill bacteria, completely block the flow of water in the stone, and if the stone becomes damp inside, it will lead to stone cracking. If the sealant is used excessively and not removed properly to keep it wet all the time, the stone covered by the sealant will be faded and dim.

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