How to distinguish the quality of decorative stone?

More and more people will choose home decoration stone to decorate when they decorate. Home decoration stone with natural color is put at home, which adds a sense of nature. What kind of stone do you usually use for home decoration? Let's learn some knowledge about home decoration stone together with Xiaobian.

One view: visual observation of the surface structure of stone

The quality of stone can be distinguished by naked eyes. The surface of good stone is fine and smooth, the surface of poor quality stone is rough and uneven, and the surface is in granular combination. In addition, the edge of stone should also be carefully observed, whether there is a gap, a slight crack, etc., which has a great impact on future use.

 Two quantity: measure the size and specification of stone 

Before buying stones, we must first measure the decoration size, and then measure the stones when buying stones. We must buy the appropriate size to avoid that the subsequent stones are not enough to be spliced, which greatly affects the aesthetic degree.


Three listen: listen to the sound of stone knocking

Three listen: listen to the sound of stone knocking

Four tests: use simple test methods to test the quality of stone

Ink drop infiltration method is a very common method to test the quality of stone. If a small drop of ink is dropped on the back of stone, if it goes deep into the stone, it means that the stone material is not meticulous, and it is a stone with poor quality. Otherwise, if it can't penetrate, it means that the surface stone is of good quality.

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