Two or three things to pay attention to in stone installation

Q: the construction steps of dry hanging of stone?

1. Weld the skeleton according to the construction drawings. Including embedded plate, horizontal and vertical keel, connectors, etc.

2. Lower the stone materials according to the framework and order

3. After the stone is processed and transported to the construction site, forklift shall be used for unloading.

4. Stone installation: prepare stone hanging pieces, marble glue, AB glue, spanner, hand cutter, etc. to save hanging pieces. T-shaped hanging pieces are used for the middle stone, and grooves are made on both sides of the stone. 4 pieces are used for 1 piece of stone and 6 pieces are used for 2 pieces of stone (the middle 2 pieces are shared by T-shaped).

5. After the stone is hung, apply glass glue or weather proof glue (different indoor and outdoor)

Q: what are the precautions for stone installation?

(1) for the installation of light colored stone, the owner needs to prepare white cement and river sand by himself; for the dark stone, ordinary cement can be used; if it is directly paved on the wood base, the owner also needs to prepare glass glue.

(2) it is better to install the door cutting stone together with the floor tile, or in front of the door jamb line, the windowsill can be installed in front of the last putty, and the basin and stove can be installed a little later;

Q: is there the maximum bearing capacity for dry hanging of stone?Answer: the thickness of 30mm is generally required for the dry hanging of stone. The area, material and structural design of the dry hanging keel should be considered. The maximum bearing capacity is determined according to the specific situation. When the dry hanging thickness of the stone is less than 25 mm, add a strip on the back of the stone, and then open the dry hanging groove to make the total thickness reach more than 3 mm, so as to meet the dry hanging requirements.

Q: what are the precautions for the stone installation of the deck?

Answer: during the installation of the platform panel, it should be noted that the lower water baffle of the platform can not be fixed with glue, because the glue has a "life" and long-term contact with liquid. Once it fails, the lower water baffle is easy to fall off and hurt people. The treatment method shall be the combination of glue and stainless steel hanging parts. The weight of the lower water retaining plate is mainly considered to transfer the hanging parts to the steel framework. After the installation of the platform, the stone and the platform basin must be sealed with weather resistant glue to prevent the failure of the marble glue under the action of water for a long time.

Q: what are the conditions for a good constructor?


(1) have the ability of map recognition

(2) receive formal professional training

(3) accumulate good experience

Q: how to do anti-skid treatment on stair treads?

Answer: add anti sliding device, rough surface treatment and cutting treatment

Q: how to paste marble in construction?

A: there are generally three methods: dry hanging, gluing and wet pasting.

Q: what is stone dry hanging technology?


1. The principle of the dry hanging method of stone veneer is to set the main stress point on the main structure, and fix the stone on the building through the metal pendant to form the stone decorative curtain wall.

2. For shear wall structure, the hanging parts can be fixed directly by expansion bolts or embedded iron parts. For the frame light wall structure, because the wall can't fix the hanging parts directly, it needs to fix the hanging parts by installing the metal framework. According to the material difference of the metal framework, there are mainly two kinds of steel framework and aluminum framework. The former has low cost, but needs galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment, and the latter has high cost due to the need of thickening or aircraft materials.

Q: what are the main advantages of dry hanging method of stone slab?

A: there are three main advantages:

First, it can effectively avoid the hollowing, cracking, falling off and other phenomena of the traditional wet sticking process, and obviously improve the safety and durability of the building.

Second, it can completely avoid the phenomenon of whiteness and discoloration of the traditional wet sticking process board surface, which is conducive to keep the curtain wall clean and beautiful.

Third, to a certain extent, it improves the working conditions of the construction personnel, reduces the labor intensity, and also helps to speed up the progress of the project.

Q: what materials can be used to make the bathroom shower floor and wash table top waterproof and antifouling?

Answer: it is generally recommended to use less cave stones and do a good job of anti-skid treatment in the toilet. For the protection of stone materials, six side protection is used, and permeable protective agent is used, which can not only keep the water-proof, anti pollution and wear resistance of stone materials, but also keep the breath of stone materials.

Q: what are the main disadvantages of traditional wet paste technology?

A: in the early 1980s, the old technology of adding steel mesh on the wall, fixing the plate with copper wire and pouring cement mortar in layers was adopted for the installation of stone veneer on the outer wall or the inner wall of the building. There are many defects in the process used for the outer wall surface, not only because the calcium bicarbonate precipitates (hoarfrost) and water stains appear after the cement mortar pastes the board, which makes the stone on the wall surface discolor, form the color difference and pollute the wall surface, but also because of the temperature change and other reasons, it is easy to cause the wall surface hollowing, cracking and even falling off and other common quality problems.

Q: how to effectively control the color difference and stain of stone when using stone in large area?


(1) raw stone of the same stope

(2) color base comparison before large section

(3) color matching of bridge shear

(4) screening defects

(5) according to the actual situation, compare again before pasting on the construction site.

(6) make sure to stick according to the number

Q: how can we overcome the common water stains and pollution on the bottom of the exterior wall?

Answer: (1) dry drainage method (2) airtight protection injection treatment (3) dark stone is used in design

Q: how to determine whether the strength of stone fixed iron parts is sufficient?

A: (1) strength calculation (2) load test (3) surface anti-corrosion treatment

Q: when the column is attached with stone, should the structural column be designed to be round or square?

A:Depending on the way of stone processing, pay attention to stonecutter net, reply "100 questions" and see more!

(1) heterosexual stone: square column is easy to be made

(2) arc cylinder is easy to be made

(3) line plate - cylinder is easy to be made

Q: according to the thickness, what kinds of natural decorative board can be divided into?

A::Natural decorative stone plate can be divided into conventional plate, thin plate, ultra-thin plate and thick plate according to product type.

(1) conventional plate: 20mm thick

(2) sheet: 10-15mm

(3) ultra thin plate: < 8mm (for buildings with weight reduction requirements or in order to save materials)

(4) thick plate: the normal plate with the thickness of more than 20 mm (used for stressed ground or external wall) with the thickness of 20 mm is the national standard, which is the data obtained through strict testing, and is more secure in application safety.

Q: what's the difference between home furnishing revolving stairs and hotel revolving stairs?

(1) generally speaking, the radius of home mounted revolving stairs is small, with large distortion and difficult processing;

(2) the civil engineering of home mounted spiral ladder is not standard and the measurement error is large, which brings difficulty to setting out;

(3) the construction team of home decoration is small in scale, limited in technical force, and poor in setting out and installation level. It mainly relies on the technical personnel of stone processing factory to be responsible for setting out, and the setting out personnel bear heavy responsibilities and risks;

(4) the design of domestic spiral ladder is generally simple;

(5) compared with the domestic spiral staircase, the processing difficulty of the hotel spiral staircase is smaller.

Q: how to reasonably require the smooth and clean stone after the completion of construction?

A:Before the stone construction, the glossiness of the stone shall be confirmed. After the completion of the stone, the following three points shall be required:

(1) no obvious scratch on the stone surface

(2) the surface is clean and free of foreign matters.

(3) uniform refraction effect of the surface at a certain angle

Q: white and light colored stones are often limited in their use due to their easy pollution and discoloration. How can they be overcome in design and protection?


(1) try to use dry method

(2) design at high place

(3) stone thickening in design

(4) protective treatment

What is a stone pillar?

Answer: stone column refers to the solid core or hollow core column used for building decoration processed by marble and granite. It can be divided into marble column and granite column according to the different types of stone materials selected; according to the shape characteristics of the column, it can also be divided into Roman column, plum blossom column, twist column, railing column, carving column, multi prism, single color column and multi-color column; according to the cross-sectional dimension, it can also be divided into etc. Equal diameter column, tapered column and drum column with unequal cross section.

Q: why is stone typesetting?

Answer: the quality of stone typesetting effect is directly related to the overall decoration effect. Due to the color difference and appearance defect of natural stone, the products need to be typeset to achieve perfect decoration effect. Typesetting refers to arranging the processed products one by one according to the central axis position, area, elevation, secondary elevation, floor and other parts of the plan of the drawing to observe the site effect. In case of color difference, adjust and replace in time.

Q: when matching stone with window frame, glass or metal curtain wall, how to arrange the order reasonably?

A: take the principle of soft and hard, that is to say, the stone should be treated first, while the window frame and glass metal curtain should be arranged behind the scenes.

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