Developing green circular economy of stone materials in Nan'an

Recently, it was learned from the Bureau of industry and information technology of Nan'an City that Nan'an City allocated 3.1 million yuan of special subsidy to stone powder comprehensive utilization enterprises to encourage enterprises to expand the amount of stone powder collection and disposal, among which 11 enterprises including Fujian Zhong energy conservation, Fujian Tongsheng and Quanzhou Shenglin received subsidies.

In order to continue to improve the enthusiasm of enterprises in the comprehensive utilization of stone powder, Nan'an will give full play to the guiding role of special funds for the comprehensive utilization of stone powder and gravel, and continuously improve the level of green circular economy development of stone materials. The highest reward of 500000 yuan will be given to the enterprises whose comprehensive utilization of stone powder is more than 300000 tons, and 10 yuan will be given to those who have won the title or recognition of circular economy demonstration enterprises at or above the provincial level. Ten thousand yuan reward.

It is reported that in recent years, the stone industry of Nan'an adheres to the circular economic road of green development, and around the development concept of "full closure, large circulation and reuse", the office of the people's Government of Nan'an issued the implementation opinions on establishing and improving the long-term comprehensive governance mechanism of the stone industry of Nan'an, and the construction of ten measures to further strengthen the comprehensive governance of the stone industry of building veneer. Work plan and other policy documents, arrange special funds to support and promote the construction of stone powder and gravel utilization project, strengthen industrial pollution control, and gradually realize the development of stone industry with less pollution and zero pollution. According to statistics, at present, the certified stone enterprises in the city have achieved zero sewage discharge. At the same time, two stone powder cleaning and transportation companies have been established to manage, collect, clear, transport and treat the stone powder and gravel in a unified way, so as to minimize environmental pollution.

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