How to distinguish Jazz white and Jasper white? You can't tell a fool from a fool.

Some of the little whites don't distinguish between yashibai and jazz white. The color and texture are similar, which makes it difficult to see the difference. In fact, as long as we understand their characteristics, we can quickly know the difference between them. Here, we will tell you some of the differences between yashibai and jazz white, so that we can recognize them.

Jasper and jazz white characteristics:

Yashi white marble only has mines in Greece, and the mining volume is limited, so the price of stone is generally high. At present, there are more 1.6cm in the market, and the price of Yashi white marble after the first level of processing is about 2000 yuan, some of which are higher. Therefore, in addition to the background wall, windowsill, toilet and other small areas, the family decoration of ordinary residents will Use, will not use a lot of elegant white marble, if high-end hotels, villas, etc. use elegant white marble for decoration, it can more reflect the noble and elegant side.

Jazz white marble is also produced in Greece. It has fine texture, high processing adaptability, small hardness, so it is easy to carve. It has good plasticity, good sound insulation effect, good heat insulation effect, and can be used for deep processing. It is suitable for carving materials and profile materials. And in the texture of the grain trend and texture, there are traces of prehistoric civilization. Its overall shape can be described as advanced fashion, which can show a professional design style, showing the dignity, elegance and noble Jazz characteristics incisively and vividly, because it is loved by many architects, and the price is more than a few hundred yuan a flat.

What's the difference between Jasper white and jazz white?

1. Texture difference

Although they are all white marble, the texture of Yashi white is much less than Jazz white, and the texture is fine, and Yashi white is better in texture;

2. Structure difference

Jasper white marble is granular structure, jazz white marble is fine-grained structure, so Jasper white is more delicate than Jazz white, mining difficulty is also increased, and jazz white is better in physical stability;

3. Texture difference

It can be seen from the structure that the texture of jazz white marble is more dense, and that of Jasper white marble is more loose. Therefore, jazz white marble can also be used for sculpture, while Jasper white can't do anything, and that jazz white is better in the field of sculpture.

4. Decoration difference

It can be seen from the texture that the texture of Jasper white is less delicate, the texture of jazz white is more and darker, and Jasper white is more pure than Jazz white, so the decoration performance of Jasper white marble is better than Jazz white.

Special features of Jasper white and jazz white stone:

1. The stone is white and easy to be polluted. It is better to add antifouling agent on the back of the stone.

2. The stone is easy to deform, such as arc-shaped plate. After processing, it is better to install it as soon as possible.

3. The color difference of this stone is large, and the pattern is too thick and dense or flake like, which affects its utilization rate.

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