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Years of gold plating, Ruida stone industry since its establishment in 1996, has gone through more than ten years of light.

Over the past ten years, it has been a passionate entrepreneurial process and a brilliant history.

Thanks to a closely united team and solid efforts in innovation and progress, today's Ruida stone industry has become an industry leader integrating mining, stone processing and sales, engineering undertaking and import and export trade. Its business and marketing network are all over the world, and its branches are all over major cities in China.

Ruida Stone Industry Co., Ltd. of Nan'an City, Fujian Province is located in Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, the famous town of building materials. Covering an area of more than 80 mu, the company is a large and medium-sized enterprise integrating mining, stone processing and sales, project undertaking and import and export trade. The headquarters was established in 1996 with a registered capital of 80 million yuan and a fixed asset of 50 million yuan. The head office of Fujian Nan'an Ruida Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is set up in Nan'an Shuitou Panlong development zone. Due to the growth of customers' business demand, the company has established the second factory of Ruida stone industry. The branch company is located at the 324 double track high-speed bridge of Xicun Industrial Zone, Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, and officially put into operation in May 2007.

After several years of development, the company introduced CI system in 2001 for comprehensive enterprise concept integration, passed ISO9000 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification in October 2006, and ohsas28001 occupational health and safety management system certification in November 2009; the company has realized the production system of product diversification, scientific management, production automation and market internationalization. Based on the tenet of dedication, teamwork, innovation and learning, the company has developed deeply in categories, built brand in quality, improved innovation in production and carefully designed in technology. The company's business and marketing network are all over the world, and its products are exported to overseas markets such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, etc. at the same time, they sell well in the domestic market, and are deeply loved and favored by consumers at home and abroad.

The company has the international advanced level of professional stone processing and production equipment and a set of scientific, efficient and practical management system. The main production equipment of the company are: Italian imported marble saw, Italian imported automatic mill, infrared cutting machine, hand-operated cutting machine, profiling machine, circular saw, automatic glue filling and drying line. The company also has a large number of skilled and dedicated industrial workers and a high-level and high-quality management team, which are the solid foundation for the steady development of Rida.

The company's products show a unique charm with its unique color, characterized by generous appearance, classic simplicity, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, weathering resistance, easy processing, and strong collability. It is the best choice of environmental stone for beautifying the environment. The company's main products are: white board, red board, cream and other products.

Our customers, Ruida people, have built excellent brand of Ruida stone industry with their love, heart and excellent quality and service, and made every engineering project a unique model in the industry.

Facing the vigorous development of the stone industry, Ruida will follow the concept of "let nature close to life" and strive to achieve the dream and transcendence at all levels.

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